Well, here it is……Merry Christmas!


Not for the partners, siblings, children and families of those who are addicted to alcohol, it isn’t!

This is the worst time of year for us. This is ‘traditionally’ the day I would get up, feeling that all hope was gone and that I was losing the one person I loved more than anything – the very person with whom I wanted to spend Christmas. Sure, you can set aside your worries for a day and enjoy a drink with the alcoholic, but when you stop and they go on, the misery returns. It’s a lonely life.

But I haven’t set up this blog to revisit the misery my husband and I have endured for over twenty years. I’ve set it up to challenge all of the misinformation and unecessary (yes, completely unecessary) suffering that alcoholics and their families have been put through for decades.

With the New Year comes hope, and there is hope out there.

Let me begin to explain in my next post. In the meantime, make the most of your Christmas Day – whatever that means for you, and I send you love and understanding. You AND your alcoholic.

Happy Christmas?


Hi. I’ve been living with, and loving, my alcoholic husband for nearly thirty years. During that time, I’ve learned a great deal about alcoholism – and life in general. I want to share that knowledge with others who find themselves in a similar position. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend huge amounts of time searching desperately for help and advice online – and you’ll get it – lots of it. Most of it will be based (at worst) on ignorance, prejudice, hatred, confusion or (at best) stories of personal experience which can relate only to that person. Everyone’s experience of alcoholism is individual, and no-one can really know how it is for you.

If you will bear with me while I get this site going, I hope to give you support and advice that is based on a genuine desire to help you and/or your loved one who is currently addicted to alcohol. Note that I say CURRENTLY.